The Ultimate BPA-Free, Toxin-Free Filter versatile Water Bottle

Choosing the right versatile water bottle for you can be difficult. With so many water bottle options on the market, it is important to ensure that you pick a safe, toxin-free water bottle so you can stay healthy and hydrated every day.

By using a reusable water bottle and filling it up as you go, you will be able to save money but also reduce the amount of waste produced.321 Water 4

According to Green Magazine May/June 2010 edition (2010), roughly three million tonnes of plastic is used to bottle water each year.

National Geographic has written that “The bottled-water industry is so successful, it has outpaced milk, coffee, and juice in a number of gallons of drinks sold” - further to this: the average price per litre of bottled water surpasses both Petrol and Milk.

Reusable 321 Water Bottles allow you to enjoy the natural taste of filtered water wherever you are.

321 Water enhances the experience of drinking on the go. 321 Water bottles are versatile water bottles that are made of BPA free Tritan.

Why choose a water bottle made of Tritan?

  • The material Tritan creates a super durable construct and ensures 321 Water bottles are not fragile like ceramic or glass.
  • It is BPA and BPS free, making it a healthy and safe product
  • Tritan does not absorb odours and flavours. 

The 321 Water filter bottle was designed by a team of renowned industrial designers, previously winning design awards & featured in The Hunger Games movie.


321 Water BPA Free Orange Filter Water BottleThere's nothing worse than leaving the house and realising you've forgotten your water bottle. We suggest keeping an extra water bottle in your car or at work, to ensure you are never without one.

The 321 Water bottle has been designed to enhance the water drinking experience & can be used with or without a filter


Having a water bottle that is top quality, toxin-free and BPA free water will mean that you can stay hydrated with peace of mind. Using a reusable water bottle will also help in creating less waste. Since the War on Waste aired on ABC last year, there has been a movement towards being more aware and thoughtful in purchases, especially when it comes to reusables. By using reusables you make a positive impact on the world.


Ready to start using a filter water bottle?

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