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Innovative Reusable Product Solutions

We are committed to helping individuals & organisations reduce the world's waste problem by providing alternative solutions to single-use products.


Lusty Solutions focuses on ethical & sustainable products. 

We focus on meeting the highest QA standards & concentrate on reducing environmental impact. Every solution we provide to your business helps you meet procurement needs & achieve your CSR goals.

Our focus: 


We aim to change the way business works by cultivating both sustainable & ethical products. 

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Our Brands: Uppercup & 321 Water

Uppercup is in Australian made designer reusable coffee & tea cup.

321Water offers an innovative solution to filtering water via a plunge press water bottle.

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Swap cup & Container sharing programs

We help your organisation & office implement your ideal made to order Swap Cup & Container program.

 Learn more. 

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Procurement - Made to Order Product solutions

We work with businesses to manufacture, implement & ethically procure product solutions whilst finely balancing market realities & business aspirations.


About us

Lusty Solutions focus on innovative & custom made product solutions. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service to our clients & the greater community through our ethical & sustainable focus.

Lusty Solutions is committed to providing
zero-waste products.

We aim for all of our products to be circular by design. To help you reach your waste minimisation targets, we make sure that no part of your solution goes to waste.

At the end of life, we will take back your products & recycle them, ensuring they don't end up in landfill.

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